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Committed Representation Through Divorce And Paternity

When it comes to family law issues, divorce and paternity can be some of the most emotionally charged and challenging of them. When trying to resolve these matters on your own, you assume the risk of attaining an outcome that is less than you deserve. Thankfully, you can get the help you need in these cases from me, a local and committed California family law attorney.

I am Tamara L. Binns, a lawyer who is committed to protecting the best interests of her clients through their divorce and paternity needs. At The Binns Law Group, APC, you can find the respect, dedication and representation you deserve from a family law attorney, no matter what your legal needs may be.

How I Can Help You During Your Divorce

There are many ways that I can benefit my clients throughout their divorces. A few of those ways include:

  • Negotiating through the asset division of real estate, retirement accounts, vehicles and other valuables
  • Pursuing a custody and visitation agreement that is best for your children
  • Securing a child support and visitation agreement that is fair for both parties

Every case I accept is unique, so I will take the time to develop a personalized strategy that can defend your best interests.

Establishing Paternity

Not having a father listed on a birth certificate can cause problems for both parents of a child. Whether you are a father looking to protect your rights as a parent or a mother trying to hold a father accountable for their child, establishing paternity is necessary in these cases. I can help you prove fatherhood in these situations to ensure that your child gets the care and attention they deserve.

Resolve Your Family Law Needs With Confidence

If you are looking for help with your divorce or paternity needs, look no further. Contact my Lancaster office for your initial consultation by calling me at 661-491-8485 or email me here to take the first step in resolving your legal needs today.