The Advocacy Never Stops

Dedicated Legal Representation

When a pipe bursts in your home, you should call a plumber. So when you are facing a legal issue, you should call an attorney. Not all California lawyers offer the same quality of representation, so how can you be sure you are getting the legal service you need? By taking the time to learn about a lawyer before you commit to their services, you can help defend your best interests.

I am Tamara L. Binns, a lawyer who fights for her clients in any way possible. I pride myself on providing exceptional and skilled representation to the Lancaster community while bringing the most good to the most people with my work. At my firm, The Binns Law Group, APC, I am eager to not only help you overcome your legal needs but also heal from the experience while avoiding a similar situation in the future. You can learn more about my background here:

What Sets Me Apart

I believe that every one of my clients deserves personalized and committed representation from their lawyer. I take the time to learn about my clients’ needs and the unique factors of their cases before developing a personalized representation plan to help them pursue the outcomes they deserve.

I take a creative approach in my work to explore all possible options to resolve a case, whether you are trying to fairly divide your assets in a divorce or beat the criminal charges you are facing.

As I represent you, you can rest easy knowing that I will remain in constant contact with you, answer any questions about your case that you have and act on your behalf to avoid critical mistakes in your case. I am as committed to your needs as you are, and I have the skills necessary to defend you from even the most challenging legal issues.

Let Me Fight For You

Whether you are trying to defend your rights and your future or you and your family need help entering the next chapter of your lives together, I am here for you. Contact me to schedule your initial consultation by calling 661-491-8485 or emailing me here.